City of Oil

Public Works

Howard Faunce, Public Works Director

The Public Works Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all city streets and highways, parks and recreation areas, water distribution systems, sewers and rain water systems, city buildings and equipment, city vehicles, and the ice controls on the Allegheny River and Oil Creek.

Contact Public Works: 814-678-3022

Street and Parks


Oil City has approximately 66 miles of paved streets and about 10 miles of unpaved streets in an area of 4.33 square miles to maintain year round. Paving, grading, patching, milling and sealing are scheduled projects through the year. Street sweeping is started in the early spring and continued into late fall. Storm clean-up is a major part of street maintenance. Removal of fallen trees, limbs, and dirt from city streets is the responsibility of the Street and Parks Department. In the middle of the fall months, for six to seven weeks this department has leaf removal from all streets in the city. A schedule is sent weekly to the local paper to inform citizens when the crews will be cleaning in each area. Snow removal; plowing and spreading are done twenty-four hours a day starting in January. Three crews work around the clock so we are prepared for snow storms and continue into the early spring when once again street sweeping is started.


The cleaning, repair and new construction of seventy three miles of one hundred year old pipe is a year round project. The street department is also working on the separation of storm sewers and sanitary sewers. Backups, broken pipes, dirt and debris in catch basins occur regularly.


The repainting of crosswalks and other street markings is done every year. The street department replaces street and traffic signs and posts when damaged or stolen. Meter posts are replaced by the street department when damaged.


Remodeling, repairs, painting, plumbing, and electrical maintenance on all city structures such as; city hall, city garage, park garage, parking ramp, pool, fountains, city steps, bathrooms at the parks and marina are done by the street and park department.


Two Mechanics do both parts and service at the city garage on all city vehicles. Maintenance, inspections and the cleaning of each department’s vehicles and equipment is done by the mechanics.


One hundred thirty eight acres of grounds are maintained from May to October. Mowing, planting, trimming and brush hogging are done at Hasson, Mitchell, Justus, the Marina, Gateway Gardens, railroad right-of-ways, Industrial Park, and many downtown and residential areas such as Eighth Street Circle. This work could not be completed without the help of youth hired part time by the city as Summer Help. Each summer the pavilions at Hasson Park are booked for various groups, reunions, receptions and other meetings. Repairs to playground equipment at Hasson Park, Land of Laughter (North and South), Innis Street, Pierce Avenue and Charlton Street occur yearly. The daily cleaning and upkeep of the bathrooms at Hasson Park, Justus Park, and the Marina are also done by the Parks Department.

Water Distribution

Jason Herman, Director of Water Services


These are shut-offs for the service and main lines. Whenever a leak occurs or a water line is to be shut off, it is done from the curb or valve box. These must be cleaned, raised, and kept in working order.


The city has 428 fire hydrants. Fire hydrants that are damaged, broken or need replaced are maintained by the water department. Water must be pumped out of hydrant barrels for the winter months to prevent freezing and damage. Maintenance to keep in working order is year round.


Each structure in Oil City has a service line were leaks can occur. The majority of these leaks are on old lead pipes. The Water Department detects and assists where ever necessary so the leak is repaired quickly. In some cases one line may service two structures and new tapes are installed to provide separate service lines. Service lines are also removed from the mains when there are abandoned buildings or structures are demolished.


The main water surfaces in the city, low pressure or no water is coming into a structure, the Water Department must determine where in the buried service or main line a leak has occurred. Once it is established were the break is, repairs are completed.


PA One Calls are required by the state and are e-mailed to the Public Works office for required notification by excavators, designers, or any person preparing to dig below surface level in the City limits. We respond and locate all water and sewer lines so damage can not occur from excavation.


The maintenance and cleaning of the Water Department equipment must be completed after each operation to maintain usable equipment and be ready for any emergency.


Plumbing and seasonal shut offs on all city structures such as; city hall, city garage, park garage, parking ramp, pool, fountains, bathrooms at the parks and marina are done by the water department.


Update and maintain city maps showing water valve boxes, main lines, and service lines.


Attend workshops and classes on new water distribution information, materials, dig methods, safety, and utility marking.

Important Notices

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